Adding New Custom Flat Shipping Rates in WooCommerce 2.4+

Remi | September 22, 2015 | in WooCommerce

Since WooCommerce 2.4, the flat shipping rates interface have been really improved and it’s now so simple that it can even be confusing for some users.

A common request is:

“how can I add new custom flat rates?”

Because, that’s true, in previous versions you could do it via the interface, but now you need custom coding. So, to add new custom flat rates, simply add this snippet to functions.php in the theme folder:



You can learn more about all that in the official docs.

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  1. joel

    Hi Remi,

    Please help, How can add a title on every flat rate.

    Here in our country we have two Currier company XEND and LBC with different cost and number of days to deliver a products.

    This is the Example i want to have on my shipping options;

    Tittle : With in Metro Manila
    Option 1 : XEND : 60
    Option 2 : LBC : 120

    Tittle : Provincial Delivery
    Option 1 : XEND : 100
    Option 2 : LBC : 150

    Hope you can help me, I already ask some developer and they don’t have any solutions. I’m just a beginner on wordpress and little knowledge on php.

    Thank you very much!

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