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Remi | December 21, 2012 | in Free

As you might know i’m doing support for Pippin Williamson for his numerous plugins, and i’m also providing free support service to all  my plugins purchasers. To do so we (Pippin and I) use the excellent BBpress and the GetShopped Support Forums plugins together. As we receive many tickets we decided to apply a simple rule: if a ticket is older than a month his status must be set to “resolved”. Actually, we reply within a delay of one or two days and we try to resolve the problem or to provide a answer as soon as possible. But very often, once we give the right answer to our buyers, they don’t come back on the support forum to approve the answer and close the ticket. In other words, the tickets is resolved but its status is still “open”.

That’s why i created this little plugin, that checks every 12 hours tickets status, and if tickets are older than a month, then, their status are automatically set to “resolved”. Why is this plugin important ? Well, as we receive a bunch of tickets everyday we spend a lot of time on this “mark as resolved” step, and we prefer answering tickets than losing time with their status.

Simple but effective! You can download the plugin and use it in your  own support forums!

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