WP All Import makes WooCommerce products invisible

Remi | August 11, 2015 | in WooCommerce

I was working on a WooThemes customer ticket today and he was having an issue with the products he bulk imported into his WordPress install with a plugin called WP All Import. All his products were showing fine in the WordPress dashboard but those products were not showing on the frontend.

EDIT: the issue has been fixed by WP All Import authors! yeah!

The reason is that many meta fields were missing in wp_postmeta, in the database.

So I created a small plugin to solve the issue. The snippet provided below is a custom plugin that will create a new field called _visibility, and it will set the value of this meta field to visible. That’s it. Of course you could improve this plugin and create all missing fields, but this field is enough for WooCommerce to make the products display on the site. So, if you have this specific issue I hope that this will help you ;-)

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  1. sgriesel

    Great article, thanks! Take it say if users report order counts in WooCommerce not adding up with items imported then this will also be the case, what you think?

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